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InterFresh 2019

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Growers and Suppliers

Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Storage Technologies

Fruit and Vegetable Logistic Services

Packaging Industry

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Storage Companies

Dried Fruit and Vegetable Producers and Suppliers

Seedling Producers

Plant Nutrition Producers and Suppliers

Greenhouse Systems and Equipments Producers and Suppliers

Irrigation Systems and Equipments Producers and Suppliers

Organic Product Producers and Suppliers

Frozen Vegetable Producers and Suppliers

Pesticide Industry

Agricultural Seed Producers and Suppliers

Seeding Technologies

Fruit Laboratory Equipment Manufactorers and Suppliers

Industrial Associations and Publications

Industrial Training and Consulting Firms

Certification Firms

Insurance, Banking, Finance and Customs Services

InterFresh 2019 | Yas Sebze Meyve, Depolama, Ambalaj ve Lojistik Fuari