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Interfresh Eurasia

Sector’s Gate to the World

Antalya, known as Turkey’s fresh vegetable and fruit store, accounts for ¼ of Turkey’s fresh vegetable and fruit export with an annual average volume of 500 million US dollars.

Meeting Point of the World

Meeting Point of Europe, Middle East, Russia, Africa and Turkic Republics.

Reach Your Target at the Right Place

Producing 3 million tons of vegetable and fruit in an area of 250,000 decares as part of Turkey’s total greenhouse area of 650,000 decares, Antalya brings together all stakeholders of the sector at InterFresh.

Visa- Free

Countries with no visa requirements from the Middle East, Africa and CIS Countries are; Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia.

Logistics Center

Antalya, the center of sector in the region, has a strategic importance of having direct flight from 261 points in the world as well as its ports and land transport.

Meeting Point of 81 Provinces

Professionals of the sector from 81 provinces meet the exhibitors through cooperation of domectic public authorities, private sector representatives, professional organizations and chambers of commerce and industry.

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